Why we LOVE American Tourister Luggage

Posted by Sarah on 4th Aug 2023

Why we LOVE American Tourister Luggage

American Tourister luggage is a great choice for the budget-conscious traveller who doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of his item. This US-based luggage brand has placed itself firmly on the map as an innovator within their industry. The company was founded all the way back in 1932 by Polish immigrant Sol Koffler with an aim to develop quality, low-priced luggage and has since been acquired by luggage giants, Samsonite. Since the merge, Samsonite has taken the company under its wing and made its trademark American Tourister suitcases available from every corner of Europe.

What are American Tourister Suitcases Like?

The American Tourister Suitcase itself has been shaped throughout the decades to become an item that exudes innovation and creative thinking. Koffler spent many years shaping the American Tourister luggage that we see today. With the addition of tougher locking systems and extra-comfy padded handles, the company branched out to incorporate cool designs into their American Tourister suitcases that injected a splash of colour and sense of experimentation into the brand – a crucial move, especially as the luggage market moves quickly and is victim to fashion and current trends. The demand for lighter luggage has also inspired a number of feather-light yet incredibly sturdy designs from the American Tourister luggage division.

FUN FACTThe company were the first suitcase designer to build a suitcase made entirely of vinyl and practically invented moulded luggage.

Why are American Tourister Suitcases Good?

American Tourister are an internationally recognised brand that offers a great choice of luggage that has innovation and design at the forefront of its products. If you are looking for high quality and well-priced luggage with a wide selection of styles, designs, and individual ways to show your personality, then American Tourister is for you! American Tourister Luggage is renowned for its durability and longevity. 

FUN FACT - The company was the first to use flight test their products with flight attendants from major airlines.

American Tourister Spinner Suitcases

Although Spinner Luggage is not a new concept, it is worth mentioning. Spinner simply means that they have 4 wheels, rather than 2. The more premium suitcases from American Tourister will have Double Spinner Wheels, which basically means, that the suitcase has 8 wheels – 2 on each corner. American Tourister Spinner Suitcases are available online today at Luggage Superstore in a wide range of colours and styles from professional black, eye catching blue, flirty pink and vibrant purple. The range also comes in varying sizes from small hand luggage sizes to large hold sizes meaning that there is an appropriate suitcase for everyone. Although the name Spinner is in the title, nearly every Suitcase that you buy from the American Tourister brand will now be a Spinner Suitcase.

Lightweight Suitcases by American Tourister

Every suitcase is resilient and lightweight. Some have high sheen textured fabric and roomy zippered areas and padded handle. All are covered by a 2 or 3 year guarantee against manufacturing defects meaning that endurance, durability and resilience are longstanding. Built to accommodate the needs of the busy traveller, American Tourister Suitcases are brilliant at handling whatever life throws at them – While also looking great too!

What are American Tourister Suitcases Made from?

Recent innovations include a selection of Ultra-Lightweight Soft Side collections such as the Summer Funk. Thanks to materials such as nylon, polypropylene and lightweight ABS and Polycarbonate, with such a huge choice available from soft-sided, Ultra-Lightweight Luggage to the more tough and resilient Hard-Shell Suitcases, we are confident that we will have the perfect item of luggage for your needs.

What else do American Tourister Make?

As well as manufacturing Suitcases, American Tourister also produce a number of collections that will accommodate the needs of the user who needs a reliable and adaptive Business Backpack or Wheeled Duffle. Typically, Laptop Backpacks by American Tourister are built with adaptivity in mind and provide a built-in laptop compartment, tablet pocket and bottle holders. Selected models also have added USB ports, water resistant properties and fun, funky touchpoints.

The Wheeled Duffle’s by American Tourister are produced with weight in mind and offer a great alternative to a suitcase. Large, easy to move wheels provide a smooth ride across most terrains, while padded handles offer a little more comfort. Equally, well-thought-out interiors with double-decker designs ensure clothing will arrive at your destination in the best possible condition.

American Tourister Suitcases Sale

The brand has won multiple awards for its American Tourister Suitcases, and rightly so. American Tourister Luggage is aimed at the younger generation and has remained a hit within this targeted market, but this isn’t to say that they don’t cater for travellers from all walks of life. With a vast collection on offer from premium options to collections that cater to lower budgets, there is something for everyone, regardless of their budget or lifestyle.

We very often have a number of collections from American Tourister that are in the sale. Our best-selling American Tourister Bon Air is one of these collections, offering outstanding value for money and with an excellent array of features and colours.

How Strong are American Tourister Suitcases?

As with most other brands, the American Tourister suitcase has been subjected to a substantial number of rigorous evolutionary processes over the years, but its functionality and dependability remains as strong as ever, allowing it to compete fiercely against some of the world’s most well-known luggage manufacturers. Luggage Superstore offers an impressive range of American Tourister suitcases, many of which come with lengthy guarantees. Check out our favourites and buy securely online.

Why Buy American Tourister Suitcases from Luggage Superstore?

We are really proud of our reputation for providing excellent customer service, backed up by our outstanding Luggage Superstore Reviews from TrustpilotReviews.io and Google. Trustpilot provides a platform in which real life customers can provide their own feedbacks and reviews, after their purchases, giving our customers the knowledge that we are able to do exactly what we promise to do – Delivering high quality products, at an affordable price.

We also have a dedicated customer sales helpline, with highly trained and experienced staff, who can help our customers with their new purchases. So, if you are looking to purchase a new American Tourister Backpack, Suitcase or Wheeled Duffle and are feeling a bit confused by the options, please do give us a call on 020 4524 5470 or chat to us using our chat option and a member of our friendly team will be delighted to talk you through any queries or answer any questions that you may have.