Our Top 5 Favourite Tablet Bags

Posted by Sarah on 24th Dec 2021

Our Top 5 Favourite Tablet Bags

The Tablet Bag has fast become a staple essential for most of us when travelling out and about with our tablets. Although according to statista.com, sales of tablets are dropping, we are still seeing a growing trend in the sale of Tablet Bags, which is no surprise given how expensive they are to replace. In 2021, there were 168.8 million brand-new tablets shipped around the world, so that equates to a lot of Tablet Bags or Sleeves being sold too.

If you're looking for a new Tablet Bag or Crossover Bag, here are our favourite bags from this category.

American Tourister Work-E 9.7" Tablet Bag

Carrying a 9.7” tablet, this compact 9.7" Tablet Bag is able to transport an iPad Pro or a Samsung Tab A around safely and securely. Coming from a brand like American Tourister, it’s full of quality and offers a convenient and lightweight alternative to a Leather Tablet Bag. We personally love the lime green accents to the zipper pulls and the handy front pocket will prove ideal for storing travel passes.

Felda Mini 10.2" Tablet Bag

One of our most expensive Tablet Bags available is the Felda Mini Side Crossover Bag. Made from 100% leather, we appreciate that this Leather Tablet Bag is probably a luxury purpose but it is one of our favourites because its just so gorgeous and soft. A crumbled cow hide outer gives it vintage looks and of course, the addition of a traditionally adjustable shoulder strap further adds to its classical appeal.

Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 7.9" Tablet Bag

We like this Tablet Bag for several reasons. Firstly it is Eco-Friendly, making it perfect for those of us who want to do our part for helping the environment and secondly it has its own built it organiser section, which will store cards, pens, our mobile phones and whatever other weird and random things we carry. It is also one of the lightest Tablet Bags that we offer, weighing in at just 300g - Perfect for those of us who do not want to be weighed down unnecessarily. 

Samsonite LitePoint 9.7" Tablet Crossover

The  Samsonite LitePoint was a new collection for 2021 and offers a great choice of Bags & Backpacks. A really classically appealing collection which is both professional in looks and lightweight ensures that all requirements are catered to. This particular Tablet Bag offers quite a spacious interior given its compact size and it is one of those fabulous bags from Samsonite that has been made from PET Recycled Bottles, so it's Eco-Friendly too!

Plevier Navigator Transit Tablet Bag

Coming from the Plevier Navigator collection, this 12.9” Tablet Bag is full of quality and is an appealing upper budget option for the user who likes a smart looking Tablet Bag. We think the one thing that gives this Tablet Bag the edge over many others is its sophisticated and smart design which makes it incredibly easy to use as it almost mimics the traditional briefcase look.

If our favourites aren't quite what you're looking for, we've got plenty more to choose from within our Tablet Bags categories.