Buying Guide

Need some help choosing your item?

When choosing your new site of luggage, there are several features that you will come across on each of our product pages and when filtering. These little icons show you what features your new bag has and how they will make your life easier when travelling.

4 Wheeled Luggage Icon

 4 Wheeled Suitcases or Spinners are ideal for those who prefer to move their luggage by pushing rather than pulling. 4 Wheels give an extremely smooth and easy ride across most surfaces.

2 Wheeled Luggage Icon

 Ideal for those who prefer to tilt and pull their luggage. 2 Wheeled Luggage is often lighter than 4 Wheel Spinners, making them great for when weight is a priority.

Backpack Straps Icon

 This product has backpack straps that can be adjusted to fit the body perfectly. Sometimes backpack straps are accompanied with sternum or hip straps.

Bottle Holder IconThis product contains a bottle holder to securely carry a water bottle or flask within the interior or to the exterior of the product.

Cabin Sized

This product is suitable to be used as cabin luggage. Please check with your individual airline before travelling to ensure that it will fit into the airline sizes because these can differ.

Clothing Compartment Icon

This product has a separate clothing compartment. This is often seen in rolling tote or boarding bags and will keep clothing away from business items.

Double Wheels Icon

This product has double wheels. These are usually seen on 4 wheeled spinner suitcases and give a much smoother and balanced ride.

Eco-Friendly Icon

This product has been made from either recycled or eco-friendly materials which have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Expandable Icon

This product has an expandable feature. This can either be a panel that allows the product to expand or a gusset that expands just the base.

Fixed Zip Lock Icon

This product has a fixed zip lock which unlike a padlock cannot be moved. They are usually combination locks and can also be TSA certified.

Hanger Included Icon

This product has a hanger included within the body of the Bag, Garment Sleeve or Suitcase. The hanger can either be for hanging clothes or hanging the item up.

ID Label Icon

This product has an ID Label so that it can easily be identified if lost. The ID Label can either be inside the item or on the outside.

Laptop Compartment Icon

This product has been fitted with a laptop compartment. Laptop compartments can either be removable or fixed and often come accompanied with a strap to keep the laptop secure.

Made in Europe Icon

This product has been made in an European country. The exact country is usually specified in the product listing.

Padlock Icon

This product comes with a padlock. This can either be a key enabled padlock or a number combination padlock. Please check the product description to see which it is.

Real Leather Icon

This product has been made from real leather. The product description may also give additional details about the finish of the leather or the tanning process that has been used.

RFID Pocket Icon

This product contains an RFID pocket to prevent digital theft of your data. The pocket will be shown by an icon or text stating which areas of the bag are RFID protected.

Sleeve Strap Icon

This product contains a sleeve strap to the rear to allow it to be mounted securely upon a telescopic wheel handle or a wheeled item. Sleeve straps sometimes double up as additional rear pockets.

Tablet Compartment Icon

This product contains a tablet pocket. Tablet pockets can sometimes be accompanied by a laptop pocket but please check the product description to see if the product is a tablet pocket or laptop & tablet pocket combined.

Telescopic Wheel Handle Icon

This product has a telescopic wheel handle which can be extended to make life easier for pulling or pushing your luggage around. Sometimes they have multiple stages to fit a variety of heights.

TSA Lock Icon

This product has a TSA lock fitted. TSA locks allow customs officials to check the contents of a suitcase without damaging any closure mechanisms on a product. TSA combination locks do not have keys and use a 3 digit combination number instead.

USB Port Icon

This product has been fitted with a USB port to allow on the go charging via a power bank. This allows electronic devices to be charged while on the move.

Washable Lining Icon

This product has been fitted with a washable lining which can be removed and washed as required. The product supplier will give details on what the washing machine recommendations are for washing the lining.

 Water Resistant Outer Icon

This product has a water-resistant outer which will help to keep any items dry while in transit. Often these water-resistant materials are not submersible but will offer a lot of protection against the elements.

 Web Tracking Icon

This product has been fitted with a web tracking feature that is provided by a 3rd party. Usually, the suitcase will have its own code, which you need to register with the supplier. If the suitcase is lost in transit, this code may help you to find out where the suitcase is.