Our Review of the Samsonite Magnum Eco

Posted by Sarah on 26th May 2023

Our Review of the Samsonite Magnum Eco

Following on from our Environmentally friendly Luggage Blog in May, we are delighted to now be offering the Samsonite Magnum Eco collection to our customers. Today we will look at why we adore this Eco-Friendly Luggage collection, what its specialised features are and why we feel you need it in your lives.

Samsonite Magnum Eco Overview

Launched from Samsonite to fill the requirement of the modern traveller who requires an Eco-Friendly Luggage option, Luggage Superstore are delighted to present Samsonite’s 1st Zipless Suitcase collection that has been made from Recycled Materials. Full of features, without being heavy, meet the Samsonite Magnum Eco.

Zipless Suitcases

The 1st thing to note about the Samsonite Magnum Eco is that it is zipless. Many customers are already familiar with the concept behind a Zipless Suitcase but for those that aren’t, we’ll give a little overview about what this essentially means. The Samsonite S’Cure was one of the 1st collections in Europe to offer a Zipless Suitcase to the UK Market. The concept was simple. The closure of the main body of the suitcase removed the traditional zipper closure and replaced it with a 3-point locking system

With a zip closure, there is always a slight concern that a suitcase may either endure damage to the zipper or that thieves could potentially access the suitcase with something as simple as a ball point pen. Without a zip, this is no longer an option. Zipperless Suitcases are considered to be one of the safest and one of the most secure ways of keeping your packed belongings safe as they are virtually impenetrable quickly. We will not lie but Zipperless Suitcases are often slightly heavier than their zipped counterparts, however, the added security that they add is a compromise to be made (In our opinion).

Samsonite Magnum Eco TSA Lock

How Do Zipless Suitcases Work?

Much like the Samsonite S’Cure, the Magnum Eco utilises a 3-point locking system to close the suitcase. These points are based at the top, bottom, and side of the suitcase, with a TSA Combination Lock situated at one end. In the case of the Magnum Eco, the TSA Lock is situated on the side, next to the side carry handle. The ‘Clip’ closure on each end closes the suitcase securely and the TSA Lock on the side, thus renders the suitcase secure. The TSA Lock on the Magnum Eco sits flush with the main shell of the suitcase, meaning that there are no proud parts to stick out. We also like that the side carry handle is built into the suitcase too and simply lifts when required, allowing the suitcase to be picked up and carried when needed.

Waterproof Luggage

Aside from the obvious security benefits that Zipless Suitcases offer, most of these types of Suitcases are also Water Resistant. The Samsonite Magnum Eco has been fitted with a rubber seal that sits neatly where the 2 edges close. As this collection has been constructed from a Hard Side material and as a result are already water resistant, the rubber seal at the edges thus prevents the ingress of any water or precipitation that made land on the luggage. We feel this makes it perfect for travelling with as we can never be sure what our British weather can throw at us. Even if your travels take you abroad, there is still a risk that on departure or arrival, rain will make an appearance and thus it stops your clothing getting damp.

Suitcases Made From Recycled Materials

In our blog last month, which can be read  HERE, we discussed how the luggage industry is now utilising waste materials to create shells and materials that can be made into suitcases. This waste would otherwise have ended up on a landfill site but now these materials are being reused into materials that we can make things from. The Magnum Eco has been made from at least 70% post-consumer recycled Polypropylene. For the readers who do not know what items are made from polypropylene, this can be items such as yoghurt pots, plastic milk bottles, water bottles etc. In the case of the Magnum Eco, around 200 yoghurt pots have been recycled to create each outer shell – That’s A LOT of yoghurt eaten! Furthermore, the Magnum Eco has been constructed in Europe, rather than the usually seen China, which will appeal to the user who likes to purchase items with a reduced carbon footprint. Less travel = A smaller carbon footprint. Who wouldn’t like that appeal?

Suitcases Without Interior Linings

Interior Divider Pad of Magnum Eco

As we have covered the exterior construction of the Magnum Eco, we’ll move to the interior. The interior lining of the Magnum Eco is limited. Much like the Samsonite S’Cure, it only has a divider pad. There are 2 benefits to this. Firstly, there is more packing space available. When a liner is placed inside a suitcase, it can never be fitted too tightly into the body of the suitcase, as it would rip or tear as soon as pressure was placed on it. The lack of liner in this collection means that there is more packing space available, which will suit the user who likes to get plenty in! Secondly, a lack of liner means that the interior of the suitcase can be fully cleaned and disinfected, if required, before and after use. Most of us store our luggage in loft spaces or cupboards when they are not in use and only bring them out before we travel. This can sometimes lead to linings smelling a bit funky after several months or storage. The interior of the Magnum Eco can be fully cleaned with a soft cloth, a small amount of gentle detergent and warm water, left to air dry and put away clean and fresh.

Samsonite Recylex™

The divider pad in the Samsonite Magnum Eco has been made from Samsonite’s specialised and patented Recylex™ material, which uses rPET recycled bottles to create a material that is strong, soft, and lightweight. The divider in this collection also benefits from being multi-height, meaning that it can be moved up and down to accommodate different packing styles of the user. The Magnum Eco has 2 dividers, one in the top compartment and one in the base compartment. The base compartment divider benefits from having a large, zipped pocket, making it ideal for those smaller items that may easily be lost within clothing.

Colourful Luggage

Although several of the colours of the Magnum Eco are very subtle and almost professional-like, it does benefit of having some pretty funky and bold colours available. The Forest Green, Graphite and Navy Blue would suit the user who does not really require bright colours and would perhaps suit the travelling businessperson who needs a more demure looking suitcase for their journeys. While the Ice Blue and Maple Orange are slightly bolder without being too in your face. Where the fun starts is with the incredibly bright and easy to spot Radiant Orange and the Summer Blue. Both are extremely bright and will make spotting your luggage on the airport carousel easy.

Spinner Suitcases

Samsonite Magnum Eco Wheels

As we have come to expect from all Samsonite Suitcases, with the exception of the entry-level basic collections, the Magnum Eco has been fitted with double spinner wheels, which make it extremely easy to move around. The double wheels are often referred to as 8 Wheeled Suitcases but are essentially 4 double wheels on each corner. These wheels ensure that the ride and mobility of the suitcases is as smooth as possible, taking the strain out of wheeling them about. An enhanced manoeuvrability is achieved from the use of Spinner Wheels on a Suitcase and the Magnum Eco is no exception. A custom hub cab with Samsonite branding finishes the look off perfectly and ensures that a clean, minimalistic, and understated look is achieved.

Hard-Side Suitcases

We have already covered the Eco-Friendly Luggage benefits of the Magnum Eco but we do have to comment on the looks of the outer shell. All sizes have the Samsonite Logo imprinted into them which is none-invasive and subtle. The shell has also been grooved, rather than a full glossy shell, to ensure that scratches are kept to a minimum, ensuring that they will look good for longer. That isn’t to say that scratches will not appear at some point (We’ve all seen the videos of how baggage handlers treat our luggage at times) but it will certainly help in reducing the look of these scratches.

Externally Mounted Telescopic Handles

Another important note about the Samsonite Magnum Eco is the externally mounted telescopic wheel handle. Generally, suitcases that have been fitted with a wheel handle have it mounted within the body of the suitcases. While this does keep it ‘out of the way’, it does also take up extra room, reducing the capacity of the suitcase. An Outside Telescopic Wheel Handle slides up and down within its casing from the outside of the suitcase, allowing more internal packing space.

Why Do We Love The Samsonite Magnum Eco?

There are many other features that we love about this collection. From the easy-to-use push button wheel handle, the integrated ID label, the colours, the look of the outer shell. The list can go on! We’re really quite impressed by the build quality on offer. When you pick each size up, they feel substantial without being clumsy or too heavy, but you know you’re wheeling around quality. The choice of sizes on offer varies from the Ryanair Priority Boarding Cabin Sized Suitcase to an Extra-Large 81cm Suitcase that is well-suited to longer journeys. Each size offers good sized capacities and comparative to those capacities on offer, they are reasonably weighted.

Final Thoughts on this Samsonite Luggage Collection

Although not the Lightest Suitcases available from Luggage Superstore, nor are they the cheapest, we feel that the Samsonite Magnum Eco is an excellent investment for the user who wants style, functionality, Eco-Friendly properties and a Secure Suitcase for their travels. It’s a fantastic collection that offers plenty for the price tag and one which we feel is a must-have for modern travel.

Prices start at £185.00 (RRP) for the Cabin Sized Suitcase but we very often have special offers on throughout the seasons, so keep watching our site for any promotions that may be offered on this very special Environmentally Friendly Luggage collection.