Buying Guide

Welcome to our Buyers Guide. Here you will find out what our icons mean and how these features can make your life alot easier.

2 Wheels

Makes easy work for those who prefer to tilt and pull their luggage around and is particularly useful on uneven surfaces. 2 Wheeled Luggage is sometimes a little lighter than 4 Wheel Spinners, making them great for when weight is a priority.

4 Wheeled Spinner Suitcases

Much like the 2 wheeled luggage pieces, this enables you to move your luggage around freely. Ideal for those who prefer to move their luggage by pushing and perfect when your moving inch by inch in the long baggage check in queue.

Expandable Luggage

Expandable luggage has an additional external zip that allows it to literally, well, expand. Perfect for those who don’t believe in packing light, this feature gives you up to an extra 25% capacity with 0% extra weight!

Cabin Sized Suitcases

Means your luggage is suitable to be taken on an airline as cabin baggage – however, be sure check with your airline as each one allow different sizes. Click here for our guide on individual airline cabin sizes.

Fixed Luggage Lock

Enables you to secure your luggage using a combination lock which is fixed to the side of your case, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing a tiny padlock key!

TSA Lock Luggage

Transportation Security Administration approved – a lock on your luggage meaning customs officials can open your case where necessary with a master key without damaging your case or the lock. The best travel security and essential when travelling to the USA.

Packing Divider

Packing dividers seperate the compartments within your luggage and offer additional organisation. A divider is usually mesh and also helps to keep clothes in the correct compartments when closing the suitcase

Hanger Included

Normally found on garment bags, this means you don’t have to worry about where and how to hang your best clothes. A suitcase or garment carrier that has a hanger included can prove invuable for hanging your clothing up when you reach your destination/

Real Leather

100% genuine leather – for the ultimate in elegant travel. We also offer leather alternatives which will appeal to the user who prefers a more environmentally friendly luggage option.

Laptop Compartment

Means you can keep your irreplaceable laptop separate from your other luggage or business products, protecting it from any knocks or bangs while it is in transit.

Tablet Compartment

The bag or luggage will contain a tablet compartment specifically designed for carrying a tablet. This makes it quick and easy to remove it from its compartment and will keep it protected without using a seperate tablet sleeve.

Laptop Screen Size

Explains the screen size that each item of luggage will accommodate, making it quick and easy to find out which item of luggage or which business bag will accommodate your laptop.

Tablet Screen Size

Just like the laptop screen size icon, the tablet screen size icon will show you quickly the maximum sizes of tablet screen that each piece will carry

Clothing Compartment

Often rolling totes and wheeled laptop bags are designed to carry clothing as well as business products. A seperate clothing compartment ensures that you can keep your clothes seperated from your business essentials.

Adjustable Backpack Strap

Having adjustable backpack straps ensures a snug fit on a backpack, making it more comfortable to carry. Look out for ergonomically shaped backpack straps and back support when buying backpacks as well.


For peace of mind, all of our luggage pieces come with a warranty, which guarantees you in the unlikely event that your item is faulty. This does not cover against accidental damage by yourself or baggage handlers.

Telescopic Wheel Handle

Easy manoeuvring at the push of a button, the telescopic handle allows you to pull your case around easily when on the move, and pop the handle back in completely when not needed.

Sleeve Strap

For added comfort and luxury, allowing another item of luggage or a business bag to be safely and securely attached to another telescopic wheel handle - Usually seen on duffle bags and laptop bailhandles.

RFID Pocket

Encases your credit cards in a material that interferes with radio waves meaning your cards cannot be scanned without you knowing. An essential for travelling in and around the city.


Comes with padlock to keep your luggage safe and secure.