Why Holidays with Your Dog are the Best

Posted by Claire on 12th May 2023

Why Holidays with Your Dog are the Best

Man’s best friend – the Dog. Part of the family, and for many people, a really good substitute for children! Many parents could never imagine going away without their children and likewise, many dog owners do not want to be without their four-legged friends on holiday either. Thankfully, there is now a rapidly growing trend for Dog-Friendly Holidays, and as such, many of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations now have accommodation that caters for your dog too.

Here at Luggage Superstore, it goes without saying that we know Luggage, but we also know dogs too, and that’s why we can help out with all your luggage needs when embarking (see what we did there?!) on a Canine Countryside break!

Luggage for your Dog

There are so many reasons to holiday with your dog. Firstly – the cost. Doggy Day Care is not cheap, and unless you are lucky to have a friend or relative that is willing to look after him, your dog’s holiday can soon become more expensive than your own! Plus, if you don’t have somebody you know and trust who can look after your dog, finding a good kennel where your pampered pooch will be happy and chilled can be a minefield. Many holiday cottages now charge a minimal fee for your dog’s stay, and some even allow dogs to go free! We love these places.

First of all, as a staple luggage piece, we recommend something lightweight, spacious and water-resistant; The  Paradiver 79cm Wheeled Duffle is all of these things and is particularly unique in its PU weatherproof coating – great for when there’s muddy paws about!

For the smaller budget, we also love the  Members XL Wheeled Duffle, with a massive 144 litre capacity, big enough for everything you AND the dog will need for a short break!

For use alongside your Wheeled Duffle, we think the  Snokart Packing Cubes are a real gem. Perhaps not quite what they are intended for, but these handy individual compartments are perfect for dog coats, towels, toys and bowls. The packing cubes sit nicely inside your luggage ensuring your wardrobe and that of your dog’s stay separate, so you don’t end up covered in hair before you’ve even unpacked! They’re also handy to pop in a backpack for a day at the beach etc.

Travel Britain - Buy British Luggage Brands

There’s a world of beautiful countryside to explore in Britain; you definitely don’t need to go abroad to discover gorgeous scenery and stunning views. You may not be guaranteed wall to wall sunshine, but your tan would fade in a few weeks anyway! Check out our very best of British Luggage brands with  JoulesTed BakerDune London plus many more! Countless people have come to realise that Britain has so much to offer in terms romantic breaks and family activity holidays that there is no need to go abroad every year.

Backpacks for Dog Walks & Fun

Talking of activities, the health benefits of taking your faithful friend on holiday are endless. For fun filled energetic days we love the  Eastpak Maclo Bike Backpack – a great water-resistant little backpack that will attach to a bike but is great for exploring on foot too. Whether you like it or not, long walks will be the order of the day, possibly even a swim in the sea too! You won’t be lounging around and having lie-ins – but why would you want to?! You’re on holiday! Time spent with your best friend is never wasted, and after all that walking and playing ball, you and your family, dog included, can enjoy a hearty, guilt free meal at a local traditional pub. If, however, family picnics are more your thing, we have just the Bag for you! Step forward the  Eastpak Kooler Insulated Backpack, a handy cooler bag that offers convenience and plenty of space for a good lunch and not forgetting, doggy biscuits.

Wheeled Duffle Bags

If none of our suggestions float your boat, then we’re sure we will have something that works for you and your furry friend. Whether you are looking for a Wheeled Duffle or a Backpack, we’ve got it covered. From a personal perspective, we feel a Wheeled Holdall is a definite requirement for travelling with your dog and with more pockets the better. Stacked, Double Decker Holdalls are a great choice for travelling with if you also need to take along bedding for your dog too, as the split packing area can keep your clothes away from his ‘little fibres of joy’ (Read that as lots and lots of dog hair!) With enhanced mobility the order of the day too, a Duffle on Wheels, can at least keep one hand free for holding on to leads while wheeling it to your destination, as well as carry handles for lifting it in and out of the car.

Backpacks for Doggy Day Trips

As for Backpacks, it depends entirely on your own personal requirements. Some of us like to take along a tablet or a laptop while we are travelling and having a Backpack with a Laptop or a Tablet compartment can be a great option as these built in compartments offer more protection to our expensive techy items. When you are looking for Backpacks, we highly recommend that you choose a product that has built-in Bottle Holders at the sides. These can prove invaluable for storing water bottles for you and your dog and they also reduce the risk of accidental spillages when you’re out and about.

We really like the water-resistant appeal of many of our products, for the simple reason that it doesn’t matter if they get slobbered on or get muddy. Our dogs are renowned for being slobber monsters, so a water-resistant item of luggage may be invaluable for this very purpose as you can be assured that any items that are stored inside the bag or luggage will remain clean and dry. Such is the importance of this property of a bag, we’ve got a whole section dedicated to water-resistant bags and luggage – Not necessarily for dog owners but more for our typical British weather. Always better to be prepared for every eventuality in Britain as you never know what you’re going to get!

What to Pack for your Dog

When packing for you dog (and you) it’s important to get the basics packed and ready first. You’ll obviously need food for them, plus, bowls, utensils for mixing feed up, measuring cups and any additional supplements that they have. A collapsible water bowl is a great addition as these clever little contraptions can be folded down to just a few cm’s, which will obviously take up less packing space. We’ve also seen some that have a clever carabiner type hook on them, which can easily be clipped on to a bag or backpack for when you are out and about. Next, if your dog loves swimming will be towels or a drying robe. We have our own personal favourites for these, and they are invaluable for rapidly drying a dog, without running the risk of them overheating. Lastly, treats and toys! And, yes, we mean for them! An essential part of holidaying with your dog is spoiling them (while watching their waistlines, of course!) So don’t forget to pack these.

As your best friend in the world, and the only one who will never let you down, all your troubles will disappear when you’re spending time with your dog – and that’s what holidays are all about. As a devoted owner (read slave) to a lovely German Shepherd, I couldn’t imagine anything better than holidaying with my beloved perfect pooch – She’s called Petra or P for short and is a retired Guide Dog. Check her out on our Social Media platforms, as my PA, she’s always making an appearance in one way or another on our Facebook and Instagram channels.