Why Glamping is The Best

Posted by Claire on 16th Feb 2024

Why Glamping is The Best

Glamping – a collaboration of Glamorous and Camping – 2 words you wouldn't normally associate with each other. However, glamping is becoming more and more popular with British holiday makers, and if you've never considered glamping yourself, here's a few reasons why we reckon you might want to give it a go!

If you're anything like me, you'll love the idea of camping; warm balmy evenings spent drinking wine and eating from a beautifully smelling BBQ, lazy lie ins and experiencing the great outdoors at its finest. However, unless you've been very lucky, your experience of camp ing probably hasn't been quite like this. It's more likely you've found yourself falling out with your travel companion on how to put up the tent (probably in the dark) getting damp when there's a sudden unpredicted downpour and being so uncomfortable on your blow up mattress that you actually can't wait to get up in the morning!

If the latter sounds more like your experience, glamping could well be for you. It allows you the best of both worlds; holidaying in the great British countryside, without forgoing the luxuries you probably don't want to be without. Glamping accommodations can takes many forms; from large luxury bell tents, yurts, camping pods and huts, with varying levels of luxuries. Many forms of these accommodation even offer basic kitchen appliances, like kettles and toasters and some even have TV's and showers, so it really is up to you how much of the camping experience you want from your break.

There are so many stunning places to visit in the UK that you don't need to go abroad to see gorgeous scenery and natural wonders. There are glamping sites all around the country, and a quick search on the internet will bring you hundreds of sites in the UK all with differing accommodation options to suit all requirements and budgets. Talking of budgets, if you're a large family or holidaying in a shoestring, one of the appeals of camping is surely its cheap and cheerful nature. Glamping is no different and while you will pay slightly more for your own yurt or self-contained pod than you would just for your pitch, glamping is still without a doubt a pocket friendly way to holiday.

The other appeal of family holidays spent camping is that other members of the family can come too – namely your beloved hounds. Sharing a 2 man tent with your dog, no matter how much you love him, is rarely a nice experience, but glamping gives you all the benefits of having your canine friend with you, without having to share your bed with him. Many campsites are more than happy to welcome well behaved dogs, so if you can't bear the thought of being without him, glamping is a great option, but it's best to check with the campsite before presuming that dogs are allowed.

Glamping offers the chance to completely relax, forget about your worries and be at one with nature, while remaining comfortable and enjoying a good night’s sleep! Holidays abroad are great for guaranteed sunshine, but the stresses than come with flying, luggage restrictions, transfers and dodgy foreign food can sometimes be too much to bear. Staying in the UK erases all these woes, and we're pretty confident one you've experienced the delights of glamping, you'll keep going back to the wonder of the yurt.

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