Things to do this Easter Weekend

Posted by Claire on 29th Mar 2024

Things to do this Easter Weekend

It probably only seems like last week that your little cherubs were off school for the Christmas holidays, but of course it's that time of year when you may find yourself with the kids off for another 2 weeks and at a loss as to what to do with them. Here's some great ideas to fill up your Easter weekend with the kids that won’t break the bank!

Visit a Wildlife Park

It doesn't matter who you are, seeing wild and exotic animals in their near normal environment is wonderful, and we can guarantee that a visit to a wildlife park is a treat for the whole family. One of our favourites is Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which if it isn't local to you, is worth the journey. With an area where you can get up close and personal with the giraffes, a walk-through lemur park, and 4 beautiful polar bears, the park offers an experience not to be missed. Of course, there are a selection of Wildlife Parks scattered around Britain, and they all offer something slightly different, but the chances are, for the experience and a wonderful day out, the entrance fee will be minimal for the education, especially when compared to some over-priced theme parks.

Discover geocaching

Geocaching, if you're not familiar with it, is, in a nutshell, a treasure hunt of sorts. Using a GPS device or receiver (which all mobile phones are now) you track down containers (geocaches) that have been left in mystery places by fellow geocachers. You can find the exact positioning and coordinates of all the geocachers in your area by using the website or mobile app. Simply sign the log in the geocache you find and replace it. Not only is this a great way to while away a day with the family, but the fresh air and exercise is good for the body and mind. Plus, the kids will probably sleep well!

Visit the beach

So, the weather has been, lets face it, a little rubbish recently. A couple of beautiful days, making us believe spring is round the corner, then snow...However, a day at the beach is always fun, whatever the weather. If it’s cold and windy, the bracing breeze will make you feel bright and alive, plus you can always warm up with a hearty portion of proper seaside fish and chips. If the suns out, well, even better. Theres always lots to do at the beach; go for a paddle, build a sandcastle, or have hours of fun with £5 in the amusement arcades. Sure, you probably aren’t going to be topping up your tan at the beach on the first weekend in April, but fresh sea air and family time is reason enough to visit the seaside this Easter.

Cook a meal

If the weather really is bad, or you’re not the outdoorsy, all weather type, you could spend the day having fun with your children while educating them too. Browse through your cookery book and pick a 3 course meal between you – perhaps choose a course each, or decide on something together. Nip to the shops for the ingredients, getting the children involved in the selecting and paying for/packing them, then get your heads together to cook your dream meal. Younger children may prefer to bake a cake or dessert instead. Whatever you cook or bake, you will be teaching your children valuable lessons in life, from the value of items, to using kitchen appliances safely. Even better, is the reward of getting to eat the final product, you never know, you may have the next little Jamie Oliver in the family!

Decorate an egg!

A few hard-boiled eggs, pens, paints, and an array of crafty products can mean an afternoon full of sticky, messy, artistic fun! You can pick up everything you may need for just a few pounds from your local supermarket or pound shop. Maybe you could ask your children if they would like to invite a friend over and run a mini egg decorating competition with a theme? The best Disney character-looking egg, the most colourful egg or even make your egg look like an animal! A bit of friendly competition is bound to bring out the concentration in your child, especially if there's a chocolatey prize to be won at the end!

As you plan your Easter activities, remember to embrace the spirit of the season and cherish the moments spent with your loved ones. Whether you're exploring new places, getting creative with crafts, or simply enjoying each other's company at home, the most important thing is to cherish the time you have together and make the most of every moment.

So, whether you're hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden, embarking on a family adventure, or simply enjoying some quality time together at home, may your Easter be filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of sweet memories that you'll treasure for years to