The 5 Scariest Places to Visit in the UK

Posted by Claire on 27th Oct 2023

The 5 Scariest Places to Visit in the UK

Happy Halloween fearless followers! Prepare to embark on a spine-tingling journey through the eerie and the unknown! The United Kingdom may be known for afternoon tea, Royalty and it’s love for queuing, but it also hides some seriously spooky secrets. So, grab your ghost-hunting gear, don your bravest face, and let's explore the 5 scariest places to visit in the UK. Warning: you might want to bring a nightlight, or twelve!

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The Scots are renowned for being a tough bunch, and their ghosts must be too, because Edinburgh Castle is as haunted as it gets! This ancient fortress, perched high above the city, has seen its fair share of battles, betrayals, and bloodshed, and it seems some spirits never left. The most famous apparition is the "Headless Drummer" – we’ll leave it up to you to imagine what he might look like, but if you're thinking of playing a game of "catch the head," you might want to think again.

Legend has it that on stormy nights, you can hear the phantom footsteps of the drummer as he marches through the castle. If you encounter him, be sure to ask him for the secret to having a headless good time – it could be a real head-turner – see what we did there?!

Pluckley Village, Kent

When it comes to creepy places, Pluckley Village is a must-visit for thrill-seekers. This quaint little village in Kent is often hailed as the most haunted in England. So, if you've ever dreamed of a break in a real-life Scooby-Doo episode, this is your chance!

Here, you can encounter a wide array of spooks, from the ghostly highwayman who haunts Fright Corner to the "Screaming Woods," where it's said that if you listen closely, you'll hear the anguished cries of the dead. Just a tip, though – you might want to bring a change of pants for this one. You wouldn't want to scream louder than the woods!

Highgate Cemetery, London

London is not only famous for its red buses and Big Ben but also for the exceptionally eerie Highgate Cemetery. This place is so chilling that it makes Iceland feel like the Bahamas…

Highgate Cemetery is known for its gothic architecture, lush greenery, and its very own vampire legend. Some claim that a vampire once roamed the grounds, striking terror into the hearts of Londoners. While we can't guarantee you'll run into Dracula, you can be sure to find some eerie and beautiful mausoleums and crypts, perfect for any aspiring goth or paranormal investigator.

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

If you're searching for a supernatural sleepover, head to Gloucestershire and seek out The Ancient Ram Inn. It's a 12th-century inn with a reputation so terrifying it would make the Bates Motel seem like a cozy B&B.

People have reported all sorts of ghostly encounters here, from child spirits to demonic entities. If you're lucky enough to stay the night, you might even get a personal visit from a ghostly priest who's said to roam the inn. He'll definitely make you say your prayers!

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Last but most definitely not least, we have Pendle Hill in Lancashire, a place that's like the Disneyland of witches. Back in the 17th century, this area was home to the infamous Pendle Witch Trials. It's said that the spirits of these witches still roam the countryside.

The hill itself has an eerie presence, and if you're brave enough to climb it on a misty night, you might just spot some ghostly figures, flying broomsticks not included. Don't be surprised if you feel like you're being watched – it's probably just a friendly witch looking for some company.

So, there you have it, my fellow ghost-hunters and thrill-seekers, the 5 scariest places to visit in the UK. Whether you're a history buff, a fan of the supernatural, or just in the mood for a good fright this Halloween, the United Kingdom has something to offer. Just remember, the key to surviving these haunted hotspots is to keep your sense of humour intact – after all, even the spookiest ghost could probably use a good laugh!