Product Evaluators Wanted for LS Go-Me

Posted by Sarah on 1st Apr 2023

Product Evaluators Wanted for LS Go-Me

We want product evaluators.

As part of our ongoing attempts to improve the way that people travel around the world, Luggage Superstore are delighted to present our brand-new collection, LS Go-Me and we want product evaluators to help us out, ahead of its product launch next year.

Self-Propelled Luggage

The LS Go-Me collection is a brand-new, one-of-its-kind luggage option that will transform the way that we travel around airports. By utilising GPS and with built in obstacle sensors, this simple but absolutely brilliant concept works similar to that of a Robotic Vacuum cleaner. It will navigate itself to wherever it has been programmed to go, while carefully avoiding any obstacles that it meets. LS Go-Me has to be within 1m of its owner, otherwise it will simply stop. And for added security, if the LS Go-Me goes beyond 2m of its user, it will emit a notification directly to the user’s mobile phone with an exact location, which is accurate to 10cm. You may have seen suitcases that follow you around but this one will drive itself!

Battery Powered Suitcase

The LS Go-Me runs on a highly powerful lithium battery that can be charged using a basic USB C-type plug and can be either fully charged before leaving or can be charged on the go, using a basic Powerbank. A full charge will last around 2 hours of solid travelling – More than enough to get you to the departure lounge and navigate around the duty-free. LS Go-Me can be switched on or off either manually via the simple press button on the top or via the App.

The LS Go-Me works off an app that will be available to download off our website in the coming months. The user will simply add the terminal number, enter their flight number for verification, press the ‘Go’ Button and the LS Go-Me will start its journey, without you having to even touch the handles.

LS Go-Me Design

The LS Go-Me has been made from a hard-shell Polycarbonate material which offers exceptional strength but is also extremely lightweight, especially given the technology that is built into it. We have also listened to our customers about their requirements from their luggage and have added built in USB charging ports and power banks for charging mobile phones and tablets on the go. The Cabin Suitcase will also have its own built in, front access laptop compartment that will carry a 15.6” screen laptop and all sizes will benefit from TSA locks and double spinner wheels. The interior has also been very carefully designed to offer as much space as possible, while still allowing exceptional organisation. We have added double packing dividers to all models, packing ribbons and several internal pockets to make life as easy as possible. We have also added top and side handles because as yet, we have not found a way that LS Go-Me can navigate stairs but it has been extensively tested on escalators and fairs well – For Checked in luggage, we do advise that LS Go-Me is held to prevent it toppling over but the Cabin and Medium Sizes do sit comfortable and safely on escalator steps.

This isn’t just your average suitcase. The LS Go-Me will transform the customer journey around airports and will add that little extra ease to journeys.

LS Go-Me will be available to purchase from Luggage Superstore on 30 th February 2024.

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