Introducing Knomo Bags & Backpacks

Posted by Laura on 17th Feb 2023

Introducing Knomo Bags & Backpacks

Luggage Superstore are very proud to introduce one of our newest brands to join our ever-growing website, Knomo.

Who are Knomo?

Knomo specialises is all things bags! Backpacks, laptop bags, tote bags, briefcases, cross body bags, the list goes on. They also have a few extras such as wallets and organisers but our personal favourite feature offered by Knomo are their RFID bags.

Knomo was co-founded by Howard Harrison in December 2004. At the time Howard was working for a London company who provided a ‘standard issue, ugly black laptop bag’ that was almost lost when a fellow traveller picked it up by accident at an airport. From there he was inspired to create exclusive bags of all shapes and sizes that fit for any situation.

Knomo have a very employee focused attitude!

Knomo has a team of people working continuously to bring the newest and best ideas to the table. Head Designer Eva Rawson said in an interview ‘new innovation solution(s) that sets you apart from the crowd’ is how Knomo sets themselves apart from other businesses within the industry. Consistently delivering quality products is what allows this brand to maintain longevity.

You can hear more from Eva Rawson on her design process here:

RFID Bags & Backpacks

One of the many highlights that attracted us to work with this brand are their RFID Bags. Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID, is a signal blocker technology that is built into the pockets of the bags. This protects bank cards and passports from identity or financial theft by robbers scanning the chips and stealing information. With the new inventive ways many of us are being scammed, having finances or identities stolen, we need to think of even better ways to prevent and protect. This important technology does just the thing! Nothing is better than peace of mind, especially if you are travelling through busy areas on a regular basis, hot spots for thieves.

Knomo Ladies Business Bags

The Knomo Ladies Business Bags definitely fit to the Knomo goals of multipurpose stylish bags. Not only are they great for use as a work bag, but they look just like a handbag. No matter where you take it, the bag fits right in. Our favourite is the Hanover Laptop Briefcase which is part of the Mayfair collection.

Knomo Mayfair

The Mayfair collection has a huge variety of bags, whether you want a backpack, leather tote, organiser, you name it and this collection is likely to have it. This collection features multiple different colours, Black being the most popular but they also have items in Poplin Blue, Dark Navy and Grey Tartan. 

Knomo Dalston

One of the other fabulous collections by Knomo is the Dalston Collection. This collection is inspired by London street-stye fashion with the perfect lightweight bags. Again with a variety of different styles of bag, but what stands out to us is the Laptop Backpacks. They have a plentiful amount of space to fit your laptop as well as other items you may need and an array of colour options such as Burgundy, Bottle Green, Polka Dot and Black.

Knomo Thames

Abiding by their promise of bags fit for any situation, Knomo also have the Thames Collection. This collection has several items all weatherproof and water resistant. If you are travelling somewhere with undesirable weather or just do a lot of travel in the drizzly United Kingdom, you may want to consider one of the bags from this collection. Not only are they practical, but fashionable too. Our favourite of this collection must be the Cromwell Backpack in a gorgeous, bold Mustard Colour.

If our favourites aren't for you, you can check out the whole Knomo Collection  HERE