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If you have a passion for travel and a hankering for adventure, you need luggage that is built to suit your dynamic lifestyle. Adventure travel is evolving, with more of us searching for heart-raising fun abroad than ever before. As a population who are moving away from the comforts of luxury travel into the arms of travel that is significantly more active, there can only one choice when it comes to be luggage. Caribee luggage was designed with adventure in mind and makes the perfect luggage companion. As one of Australia’s most popular urban and adventure travel brand, Caribee are the ideal choice for those who love to explore.

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Originating from Australia, Caribee understands that travellers who explore off the beaten track will be faced with some challenging environments and tough terrains. This is exactly why the centre of Caribee’s focus is on unbeatable durability. Every piece of luggage from this brand is created with only best fabrics and materials. Equally, Caribee is focused on simple usability. From suitcases to rucksacks, holdall’s to shoulder bags, Caribee luggage has numerous useful features to make the life of any traveller easy. For those who are searching for strength, durability and versatility without sacrificing style, comfort and usability – they should look no further than Caribee.

Rucksacks and Baggage by Caribee

For those who live their life on the move, rucksacks and baggage by Caribee offer some excellent solutions to age-old luggage problems. For too long travellers have had to choose between rucksacks and wheeled luggage to take on their travels. Wheeled suitcases provide speed and efficiency when travelling through airports or across hotel lobbies, but are notoriously difficult to carry or use on rougher terrains. Rucksacks, on the other hand, give the flexibility of movement, but can prove uncomfortable and heavy after too long. Caribee create luggage in a range of sizes that feature both wheeled and rucksack features, for true versatility and complete user ease.

Even the smaller ranges of rucksacks and carry-on cases by Caribee are created with explorers in mind. With a wide range of choice in style and size as well as numerous packing, compartment and waterproofing features – the Caribee range suits adventurers both far from and close to home. Whether it’s a sports bag with water compartments to ensure hydration during long and enduring challenges. Or even a highly-protected carry-on with padded compartments to keep electronic equipment safe. The designers at Caribee have pulled out all the stops to make a brand that truly focuses on the needs of the modern traveller.

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