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Travelling Stereotypes – The Honeymooners

We’ve all seen them, disgustingly loved up and telling everyone who will listen that they are newly weds, so this week in our Travelling Stereotypes, we meet Mark and Chelsea – the Honeymooners… Chelsea has been planning her and Mark’s honeymoon since before he popped the question, on a moonlit river cruise in Paris. The […]

Visiting France this Summer?

Visiting France this Summer? What you need to know before you embark on your voyage en France. France is one of the most popular European travel destinations for Brits and its easy to see why. Being under an hour and a half away by ferry and with airlines flying several times a day, a trip  […]

Travelling Stereotypes – The Travelling Business Man

James has travelled this route plenty of times before. He stands patiently in line, passport in hand, boarding pass ready. His Cabin Friendly Laptop Bag stands politely by his side. He adjusts his tie slightly, casting a curious glance at the family of 5 in front of him. The mother is dishevelled, the bags under […]

What you need to know about Ryanair Cabin Luggage

In November 2018, the Ryanair Cabin Luggage requirements changed, meaning that everything that we thought we knew about their Cabin Luggage policies changed. It’s a little bit complicated, so please double check tickets before travelling to the airport to ensure that you know what your passenger status is. There are other options for Checked-In Luggage […]

Travelling Stereotypes – The Family

Lisa and Adam have been saving up for the annual family holiday to Tenerife since this time last year. They’ve been visiting the same family friendly resort of Palm Bay since Josh and Amelia were born. Lisa, of course loves her holiday with the children, if not the run up to it, and once again […]

It’s Here! Meet the 2019 Dumbo Luggage

The new Dumbo Film has landed. Here we have the Dumbo Luggage that is going to rock this year’s Disney Luggage fans. The original Disney Dumbo film was released on October 24th 1941. Many of us of a certain age will remember the cute animation of the elephant who was ridiculed for having ridiculously big [...]

5 Easter Traditions from Around the World

For many of us in the UK, our Easter means either a fortnight off for the school holidays or a long weekend but how do other countries celebrate their Easter Traditions? The Easter Traditions started over 2000 years ago for Christians. Many of us already know the story of Easter, a celebration of the resurrection […]

Our 5 Favourite Garment Bags

There’s nothing more that we love than a Garment Bag. Garment Sleeves or Garment Bags (depending on what you like to call them) are great for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they’re super lightweight. Secondly, they will keep clothes looking their absolute best and thirdly, they are really functional and easy to carry around. Whether […]

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Plevier Bags

While we appreciate that we are lucky enough to be able to offer one of the largest collections of Leather Bags and Leather Luggage available to the UK, there is one brand that particularly stands out for our customers. This brand is Plevier. Plevier was established in 1988 and offers a choice of business bags […]

Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0

Meet the Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0, a brand-new launch for 2019 from Samsonite. While it may share the same name as its predecessor, the new Cityvibe 2.0 offers even more features than ever before, making it a superb all-round collection that demands the attention. We’re not going to lie, the original Cityvibe didn’t do amazingly for […]

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With it Luggage

It Luggage came to Luggage Superstore in the Spring of 2018 and since then the brand has become a firm favourite with new and returning customers alike. Famous for providing quality luggage for those on a budget, it Luggage is a brand for travellers of all ages with differing requirements worldwide. Read on to find […]

Finding your perfect Wash Bag

If there is something that we like to pride ourselves on, it’s having one of the largest choices in the UK for Luggage, Suitcases and Travel Accessories. This includes Toiletry Bags, Shaving Kits, Wash Bags, Small Travel bags and a whole host of useful bags, holders and items to make travelling as easy as possible. […]

Our Favourite Disney Luggage

As Mickey Mouse has just turned 90, we are seeing a huge increase in the offerings of Disney Luggage from 2 of our top brands. As official licence holders for the Disney name, Samsonite and American Tourister have been offering Disney Luggage for a few years now but this year we’ve got some people cool […]

Top Pocket Cabin Suitcases

In 2018, we received our first look at the Top Pocket Cabin Suitcase. An innovative idea for anybody who travels with a Cabin Suitcase. Why do we need a Top Pocket Suitcase? For those of us who regularly travel with Cabin Luggage, we will all understand the issues that arise when we want to get […]

Take A Snowdrop Walk This Winter

There is no denying that this weather in February has been rather pleasant (so far). We think that this is made even more better by those sleepy little snowdrops that are peaking their hopeful heads up to the sun. The Snowdrop is an iconic flower for the UK. Their sight every January and February gives […]

How to Complain (Nicely)

Do you have something to tell us? We’re having a little bit of a celebration this month. For the Second Year running we have been awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Seller Award for great Customer Service. The purpose of a review site like Feefo is that it gives our customers the opportunity to tell us […]

Things To Consider When Travelling With Your Dog

If you’ve got a dog, you’ll without doubt, at some point, have to travel him, even if only for a short distance. However, many dog owners now take their dogs on holiday with them too, and rightfully so. There are so many dog friendly places to visit and stay, and there’s now even websites dedicated […]

Our 4 Favourite Vanity Cases

If you are one of those people who like to keep all of their make-up organised and tidy, then a Vanity Case may just be for you. Or, if however, you are one of those people (like me) who are always scrabbling around to find a clean make-up sponge or that ever-disappearing mascara, then a […]

Scottish Traditions

On this Burns Night 2019, we decided to explore some of the many weird and wonderful traditions and customs of fabulous Scotland. From fictional creatures to unusual attire, the Scottish are famed for some very unconventional ideas and rituals. There really are too many to list, but here are some of our favourites! Highland Games […]

Choosing the Right Wheels

Going back only 15 years ago, you would be hard pushed to find 4 Wheeled Suitcases, let alone the new 8 Wheeled Suitcase Versions. Mostly Suitcases were carried via the top handle, or the newer models back then were fitted with 2 wheels to the rear, allowing them to be pulled along. However, we are […]

How to Eat Well When Travelling

Following on from our Veganuary Blog last week, we have decided to dedicate this Week’s Blog to Eating Well when Travelling. January is always the month where we are inclined to feel a bit fed up and as a result the need for a ‘Pick me Up’ is often high. It’s the month that contains […]

Veganuary – The Basic Survival Guide when Travelling

The word that everyone seems to be talking about now is Veganuary. If you haven’t heard about it, where have you been? Veganuary was a hit in January 2018, with more people than ever before signing up to pledge their vegan status for January. Some people have taken the pledge as a way of detoxing […]

Alternative New Year’s Eve Ideas

New Years Eve is the time of year where some reflect on the past year, some of us party hard, some of us prefer a more sedate affair. For our younger customers, the very thought of not going out could bring on some serious M-O-O-F (Missing Out on Fun for us that aren’t quite with […]

Our 5 Favourite Weird and Wonderful Christmas Traditions from Around the World

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For some countries, their Christmas Traditions are about as far removed from our own than you can get. Some are beautifully wonderful, others appear oddly bizarre! For most of us in the UK, we have a rather sedate Christmas period. Most of us will tuck into a […]

Our Favourite Snowboarding Resorts

Meribel  Meribel, based in the 3 valleys in the French Alps, Meribel is sure to be a firm favourite if snowboarding is a favourite pastime. Meribel is suitable for the whole family, with plenty of green runs available for little ones, right up to some good black runs for those who like a challenge. There […]

UK Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets are something that we cannot get enough of in the UK. The sparkle of the twinkly lights around stores, the smell of Mulled Wine and Sausages. The cold wintery chill that turns our cheeks pink and rosy. The thrill of finding that perfectly unique gift for our loved ones. What isn’t there to […]

The Best Backpack Features

Backpacks are a staple item in any luggage collection, and most people will have owned and loved one at some point in their lives. There is a huge range of backpacks of varying sizes, styles and prices available on the market, and at Luggage Superstore we are proud to stock many of the very best […]

5 Best Selling Luggage Brands This Black Friday Weekend

Looking to buy luggage this Black Friday? With a host of fabulous brands available, from the most affordable to the very highest quality, it can be difficult to know which brands are most likely to suit your requirements. That’s why we’ve listed 5 of Luggage Superstore’s best selling brands, but there’s so many more to […]

Choosing The Right Cabin Luggage For You

Cabin Luggage is now essential for anyone who travels, be it for business or pleasure, long holidays or short weekends. The convenience of cabin luggage cannot be underestimated and whatever your circumstances, you’re sure to find yourself in need of a cabin suitcase sooner or later. Read on to find out some of the pros […]

The Buyers Guide to Luggage Jargon

Deciphering what features do what on your new luggage purchase can be very complicated if you’re not a seasoned traveller. Check out our buyer’s guide to luggage terms below for jargon free explanations on some of the most common features found on modern luggage items… Laptop/Tablet Screen Sizes – Explains the screen size that each […]

Our Top Ghost Walks in the UK this Halloween

Are you ready for a Spooktastic weekend of Ghost Walks? Right guys, I’m going to be honest here. I am the girl who hides behind cushions during horror films. Every light must be put on in the house when it’s dark and I absolutely point-blank refuse to have any body part not covered by the […]

What you need to know about Flybe Cabin Luggage

Wanting a cheap flight to escape from the world? Check out our Luggage Superstore guide to Flybe Cabin Luggage and find out what is allowed, our Best Flybe Cabin Suitcase’s and find out what the sizes and weights are allowed on Flybe Flights. With flights being offered from as little as £19.99 from numerous airports […]

5 Of The Best Roller Coasters In The UK

If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker then the chances are you will have ridden one of these roller coasters below, however everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes a great one. Whether it’s death defying drops or scream-worthy speeds that make you tick, we’re sure you’ll love our pick of the […]

Meet the Radley Hard Suitcases

Many of us area already familiar with the Radley name for Bags, however, did you know that the brand also has a collection of Radley Suitcases? The Radley brand has become a household name for producing the highest quality bags, all with their own little quirks and of course featuring the Radley Scotty Dog. The […]

How to Choose your Perfect Laptop Bag

Laptop Bags and Bailhandles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and material types and all with different prices, so we completely understand how bamboozling this can be for customers to choose their perfect Laptop Bag. Today, we are looking at the different aspects that are involved in choosing a Laptop Bag and the […]

Next Day Delivery

In today’s Fast paced world, we completely understand the need to have items delivered quickly. We now have the option for customers to apply a Next Day Delivery to their orders, ensuring that your new luggage will be delivered as quickly as possible. All that we ask is that before placing an order, you give […]

Wheeled Laptop Bags on a Budget

We all know how important it is to keep a laptop protected when travelling but as our needs to travel further and work longer are increasing, as does the need to carry around heavier loads for longer. We are rapidly seeing an increase in the sales of Wheeled Laptop Bags, however, we appreciate that not […]

Why Buy a Leather Holdall?

Most of the more modern Duffle’s are made from material outers, some nylon, some polyester but today we are looking at a Leather Holdall. Many of us will already own a Holdall or Duffle Bag. Although named differently, a Duffle and a Holdall are pretty much the same sort of bag. They are one of […]

A Warm Welcome to the Henty Co-Pilot Messenger Bag

The Henty Co-Pilot is a brand-new collection of versatile Garment Bags that have been designed to be as functional as possible, without weighing you down. For the person who travels a lot, we don’t need to tell you how important it is to ensure that clothes arrive in the best condition. Let’s be honest, we […]

Why We Love the Antler Classic – Juno

There are some suitcases that we just can’t forget about. Some have innovative features such as brake wheel systems, some have top pockets… The Antler Juno’s have neither but what they do have is an irresistible charm that we have adored for many, many years. The original Juno was a collection that pushed the boundaries […]

Glamping – A Fantastic New Way To Holiday

Glamping – a collaboration of Glamorous and Camping – 2 words you wouldn’t normally associate with each other. However, glamping is becoming more and more popular with British holiday makers, and if you’ve never considered glamping yourself, here’s a few reasons why we reckon you might want to give it a go! If you’re anything […]

Delsey – What Matters is Inside (Video)

We are absolutely in love with the new promotional video from Delsey Paris, titled What Matters is Inside! It’s got it all, sadness, happiness and an overriding urge to just give everyone a big hug. Launched last month, this incredible video is 3 minutes long but takes us on a roller coaster journey of life, […]

Our 5 Essential Travel Accessories this Summer

Earlier this year we welcomed the arrival of our new Travel Accessories brand – Go Travel, formerly known as Design Go. This collection combines a choice of excellent quality products with an affordable price tag. Sitting nicely into our Travel Accessories category, we have a really great choice of products that will perfectly complement any […]

Delsey ZST – What is it and why do I need it?

The Delsey ZST, short for Zip Securi Tech, is an amazing new feature appearing on the luggage produced by top brand Delsey. Delsey is a name that is renowned for top of the range features and ever improving performance. It is now fairly common knowledge that many standard zips found on suitcases can be opened […]

Reasons we just love Lulu Guinness Luggage…

Luggage Superstore are delighted say that we are now stockists of the fabulous Lulu Guinness Luggage collection. We think every lady should have a little bit of Lulu in her life, and here are just some of the reasons why… Make a statement Lulu Guinness Luggage is bold, bright and undeniably quirky…and we love it! […]

New Stress-Relief Pilot Scheme launched by Airlines

In an extraordinary move from some of the top airlines to help prevent stress when flying, a new pilot scheme will be launched from the end of this month that will involve pets being present in the departure lounge. In 13 airports dogs, hamsters and rabbits will be available for petting sessions. The idea is […]

Things To Do With The Children This Easter Weekend

It probably only seems like last week that your  children were off school for the Christmas holidays, but of course it’s that time of year when you may find yourself with the kids off for another 2 weeks and at a loss as to what to do with them. Here’s some great ideas to fill […]

Meet Samsonite Highline II

The Samsonite Highline did very well for us last season and we’ll be honest, we were quite disappointed to hear that it had been discontinued. However, the launch of Highline II has made us really excited. It’s not often that we come across a range of Ladies Business Bags that combine style, functionality and a […]

Why everyone should experience the Cheltenham Festival

If you aren’t a horseracing fan, then you may not have heard of the Cheltenham Festival, or if you have, you probably haven’t taken any notice of it. Everyone has heard of the Grand National, and for many families, it’s the only time a bet is placed in a whole year. Well, The Cheltenham Festival […]

Our Top Tips for Travelling in the Snow

For those of us who are thinking about travelling in snow, we appreciate that snow and this raw wind that appears to have enveloped our little country can cause havoc with our travel plans, so here are our Top Tips for Travelling in Snow. It’s difficult to imagine that on Sunday, we are seeing small […]

Why Holidays With Your Dog Are The Best!

Man’s best friend – the Dog. Part of the family, and for many people, myself included, a really good substitute for children! Many parents could never imagine a holiday without their children and likewise, many dog owners do not want to be without their four legged friends on holiday either. Thankfully, there is now a […]

FEEFO Gold Trusted Seller Award 2018

We’ve Done It! FEEFO Gold Trusted Seller Award 2018! We are delighted to announce that we have received the Feefo Gold Trusted Seller Award 2018! We have always strived to offer an old-fashioned customer service to our customers, one whereby you want to feel like you are walking into your local shop to be greeted […]

5 Reasons We Love Ted Baker Luggage

When you think of Ted Baker, you almost certainly think of quality, style and beautiful products…You may not think of luggage. However, Ted Baker do in fact make a large range of luggage and bags, and Luggage Superstore are delighted to stock some of them! If you haven’t come across Ted Baker Luggage before, here […]

Top Tips For A Great Snowboarding Holiday

It’s that time of year again, when most people go into hibernation, and skiers and snow boarders are in their element! Myself being the latter of the two types (we all know neither want to be associated with the other!) here’s a few of the tips that I have learnt along the way – from […]

L is for Love Luggage

L is for Love Luggage! Luggage may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day but we think it provides the perfect gift for showing your love to that special someone. When you think of luggage, what springs to mind? Boring waits in the airport queues? Black, Grey […]

5 romantic holiday destinations for Valentine’s Day

Gili Meno – Indonesia The island of Gili Meno in Indonesia is known worldwide as ‘The Honeymoon Island’ and with excellent reason. This secluded, basic island is perfect for loved up couples who want to get away from it all. It’s not the easiest place to visit as you have to first go to Gili […]

Keeping Children Amused While Travelling

We aren’t going to lie, keeping children amused while travelling on a airplane can be tough. There is always a lot of excitement around flying and this can lead to the little ones tiring quickly and tantrums occurring. But with a little bit of planning, keeping young ones entertained can be easier than anticipated. First […]

Samsonite Rockwell

Samsonite Rockwell Samsonite has recently released the Samsonite Rockwell to the UK business market and what an awesome range we think it is. Firstly, it’s very affordable, fitting quite snuggly in-between the likes of Infinipak, Open Road & GuardIT. Secondly, it’s stylish and thirdly, it’s also really quite functional. So, here’s our lowdown and exactly […]

Welcome Fūl Luggage, Backpacks & Duffle’s

We have just launched a brand-new brand to Luggage Superstore called Fūl. For those of you who have not heard of Fūl, where have you been? Fūl Luggage is a cool, quirky, and desirable brand that has been taking the celebrity world by storm, with celebs using the backpacks, duffle’s and suitcases to transport everything […]

Choosing the right piece of luggage

With so many travel options available, we know it can be difficult to make a choose that right piece of luggage for your needs. At any one time, we have around 5,500 + products on offer and we do appreciate the prospect of just choosing one out of that amount can seem a bit daunting. […]

Expandable Luggage Types

Expandable Luggage has always been one of our bestselling categories. The increasing innovation of the expanding suitcase is one which has come as a welcome essential to a lot of our customers offering a little more flexibility than the normal, none-expanding luggage options. Today we will consider the main types of expandable luggage and what […]

Thule Luggage Preview

As our regular customers will know we only choose the very best luggage out there and that is why we are delighted to welcome Thule Luggage to our existing brands of designer luggage. Some of you may know that Thule is a brand that is often associated with roof racks, bike racks and roof boxes. […]

Our Favourite Laptop Backpacks

Our 5 Favourite Laptop Backpacks Laptop Backpacks have become a firm favourite amongst commuters, working professionals and students alike. Their compact design and exceptional functionality makes them ideal for carrying around a laptop with ease, safety, and comfort. So, to celebrate the laptop backpack we have compiled a list of our 5 favourite backpack’s with […]

Our Favourite places for Spring Travels

Now that Christmas and the New Year are finished, we’re starting to think about the Spring. The nights are slowly drawing out and we can see little peaks of the warmer weather coming through. So to brighten up a dull and dreary day (Yes we have just contradicted ourselves here, it’s not Spring yet!) Here […]

Best European Christmas Shopping Breaks

Like it or loath it, Christmas is fast approaching, and a spot of shopping is the perfect excuse to get away on a short city break. Check out 5 of our favourite European Christmas Shopping Breaks here… London, UK The City that never sleeps really does come to life at Christmas time, and with so many […]

Packing Tips for Skiing Holidays

With winter rapidly approaching, you may be thinking about booking your next holiday in the sunshine, or perhaps it’s a fun, active skiing holiday that you’re planning? Either way, now is a great time to read our Top 10 Packing Tips for skiing breaks. First things first, give yourself the best chance of being able […]