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Timberland is one of those iconic brands whose class is instantly recognisable as soon as you lay eyes on one of their products. Through years of consistent quality and constant innovation, their tree logo has become synonymous with these attributes and as a result the brand has continued to thrive for the best part of the last century. Here at Luggage Superstore, we love to endorse a brand that shares the same commitment to excellence and that is why we are now proud retailers of Timberland Luggage.
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The specific models we have in stock, from Jay Peak collection, are perfect for travellers or commuters of any kind. Available in eight different styles and sizes, there is a piece of Timberland luggage for everyone. Whether you’re the kind of person who is in need of a sturdy, smart two wheel upright bag or just a simple, suave backpack, luggage by Timberland is the ideal option for you. We also stock a small upright model, perfectly suited to meet the cabin requirements of most airlines, meaning you can travel in style wherever you go.

Luggage by Timberland

When investing in luggage by Timberland, you can always guarantee at least one thing. With all their experience in the designing and manufacturing of outerwear, whether in the form of their iconic boots or their stylish jackets, Timberland luggage is never created with style over substance. Made from some of the most durable lightweight materials on the market, the bags we have in store have proven to be worthwhile investments for all our customers who have chosen to endorse the brand.

The range of Timberland luggage we stock are built to be as functional as they are long-lasting. Constructed using 600D polyester, a staple sign of the brand’s commitment to quality, luggage by Timberland is designed to protect against the wettest conditions. Water resistance is a pre-requisite for Timberland’s outerwear items and this is no different for their luggage. Meaning those who invest in their quality can be confident the confines of their bags remain safe and dry, regardless of the conditions outside.

Durable, Comfortable Packing

Luggage by Timberland is also renowned for its comfort, with many of their range complete with an air mesh padding and moisture-wicking fabric. You can be sure that breathability and carrying comfort no longer become a problem on even the most troublesome trip away.

Here at Luggage Superstore, you can always guarantee the service and advice you receive will be of the highest standard. For any assistance during a purchase or any further information you may require whilst browsing our products, do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team. We’ll respond to your query as soon as possible, providing you with all the information at our disposal to ensure you make the right investment for you.