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Samsonite Luggage

It is rare that aesthetic quality can be matched pound for pound by durability, but with Samsonite suitcases and luggage they refuse to compromise on either. This is something that is evident when looking at the current crop of their stock we have available here at Luggage Superstore. From suitcases to holdalls, laptop bags to rucksacks, baggage by Samsonite has resonated with the needs of our customers for years. There are few brands of baggage more reputable than Samsonite suitcases and luggage. It was their innovation that first caught the eye of the consumer one hundred years ago. While the technology used has evolved hugely, their principles have not – ‘strong enough to stand on’ may not seem revolutionary in this day and age, but in that bygone era Samsonite suitcases and luggage were seen as a step into a new world.

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The brand today is still as consistent as ever, with baggage by Samsonite remaining our biggest seller here at Luggage Superstore despite competition from a number of hugely impressive brands. Recognising the demands of travellers and commuters alike, Samsonite suitcases and luggage are built to withstand the pressures of modern life through versatile manufacturing technology and innovative design techniques.

Whether it’s combatting the notoriously rough treatment used by baggage handlers in the world’s busiest airports or the scrapes and strains often encountered on the road, baggage by Samsonite has long been an industry institution – something that looks set to remain unchanged following their continual release of quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Baggage by Samsonite

Providing classy, practical designs for business and pleasure, Samsonite suitcases and luggage exemplify the classic qualities we feel are needed when choosing to make a long term investment such as this. Where many brands have sacrificed quality in order to cut costs, the brand has ensured they advocate an unwavering commitment to the highest production standards. A quick look through their catalogue will highlight this, with classic designs such as the hard-shell Lite-Shock and Cosmolite 3.0 sitting side by side to their new feather-light range that boasts innovative Curv© technology and their Sammies range, perfect for packing clothes for little ones before a holiday.

Why choose Luggage Superstore for Samsonite suitcases and luggage?

At Luggage Superstore, we only believe in investing in the most quality of products to provide to our customers. As a result, we have managed to develop a loyal, satisfied client base that continues to invest in our competitive prices and commitment to exemplary customer service

Our diverse range of products can often appear daunting, but our team of experts are always on hand to provide in-depth, informed product advice to help you find the right product for you. This is no different when it comes to baggage by Samsonite, and regardless of your reason for purchase we can provide you a tailored service to determine which of their acclaimed range will work best for your needs. For more information on Samsonite suitcases and luggage, do not hesitate to contact our team here at Luggage Superstore today.