Antler Luggage Special Deals

Antler & Revelation Special Offers

Antler Luggage have over 100 Years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality luggage available. For many years, Antler have been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what customers want from their luggage and this is why Antler will always be a firm favourite of ours. With functionality and lightweight outers combining to create a collection of products that demand to be used and can withstand the rigours of modern travelling, Antler has the correct mixture of style, lightness and durability that ensures that they are able to remain at the top of their game for creating luggage and suitcases that can withstand the test of time. For added peace of mind, most of the Antler Suitcases come with a 5 or 10 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects, giving further peace of mind that Antler are able to stand up to their claims of providing tough, durable luggage.

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Special Offers on Revelation & Antler Suitcases

Here we have a collection of our Special Deals for Antler Luggage. These promotions run throughout the year to ensure that you, as our customers, can always get the Best possible Prices on Antler Luggage. From the durable and hard-wearing Hard-Shell Suitcases to the Lightweight Soft-Side Luggage, or perhaps the bright and bold Antler Juno 2, Antler has all bases covered. So, no matter what you have to spend on your next suitcase, we can guarantee that there will be Antler Suitcase for your every need, taste and budget.

Discounted Antler & Revelation Suitcases

Aswell as offering exceptional quality luggage, Antler are also proud to be able to offer suitcases that are affordable. The brand understands the budget requirements for suitcases and while Antler may not be as cheap as some of our other brands, what they are able to offer is excellent value for money for High-Quality Suitcases that have been rigorously tested to ensure they can handle the rough handling of baggage handlers, or the miles and miles of being wheeled around an airport. Very often we have collections of Antler Exclusive Suitcases, that are available as individual pieces or as Luggage Sets, which give an even greater saving. Although discounted by a lot more than the Antler catalogue suitcases, these Exclusive collections give outstanding value for money from a British brand that has a reputation for quality.