Antler Global DLX

A brand new range from top luggage brand Antler, the Global DLX offers users a sleek, stylish suitcase with sharp lines and great looks, as well as a number of great features. Suitable for a variety of budgets, the Global DLX is a fabulous all round suitcase that has been thoughtfully designed for ultimate performance. Made from 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate, the suitcases are tough, robust and lightweight, with the Cabin Case weighing in at just 3 kilos, while offering generous packing capacities suitable for any duration.

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  4. Telescopic Trolley System
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Organised Luggage

The Global DLX has been designed to be easy to use as well as looking great. A zipped divider and large double zipped pockets in the top compartment help to keep packed items separate and secure while functional elastic cross ribbons help to prevent the movement of contents, thus preventing creasing of clothing. Integrated TSA locks on all sizes ensure the security of the case and its contents.

TSA locks

Seasoned travellers will know that TSA locks are now a must on all luggage when you are travelling to America, and they provide extra security to your luggage and peace of mind for you. By law, security authorities can access your bag to check it should they deem it necessary, however without the TSA lock your suitcase and its contents could be damaged. The lock can be opened using a master key, meaning no damage to the lock or your suitcase. Even if you don’t plan on venturing to the States, with the TSA lock you need never worry about the security of your suitcase, and the Global DLX is a great option if security is high on your priorities list.