Delsey Chatelet Air

The Chatelet Air range comes from the European based Delsey brand and brings a brand new concept to the luggage market. This 100% Virgin Polycarbonate range of suitcases features a stylish exterior, leather effect touch points and innovative features that will make it the ideal travel companion for the buy modern user who desires a touch of class and elegance in their luggage. As the replacement range for the discontinued Chatelet Hard + collection, Chatelet Air offers an updated interior and an even lighter feel than its predecessor.
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Delsey Hard Side Luggage

Launched in 2018 to replace the Chatelet Hard +, Chatelet Air combines both elegance and innovation to create a premium range of suitcases and travel accessories that will rival anything else on the market. Available in a choice of colours and several sizes, this range of Luxury Luggage is the ideal product for the traveller who craves that little bit of luxury in their lives. Features such as 4 double, silent wheels and Delsey’s own Web Tracking system offer comfort and an easy to use functionality, while the well thought out interior will provide the ultimate in organisation when it comes to packing and un-packing. A 10-year international warranty from Delsey is offered with every Chatelet Air product.

Luxury Luggage

Priced to be competitive with some of the most Premium Luggage ranges available to the Hard-Side Luggage market, the Delsey Chatelet Air offers excellent value for money for both the innovation offered and also the build quality. Features such as double spinner wheels and Delsey’s specialised Web Tracking system offer an unrivalled mobility and movement experience while little touches such as an updated trolley system with a wider base and more rectangular tubes give better handling. A really desirable range of luggage that combines beautiful looks with exceptional functionality.