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Cabin Luggage

We know how confusing it can be finding the right cabin luggage for your airline. With every airline having different size allowances, different weight allowance and some offering second hand baggage as well, it is important that you know what your cabin sizes are before you fly. Charges can be hefty for overweight or oversized luggage, so please do ensure that you are within their guidelines. To make life a little bit easier for travelling with cabin luggage we have organised our cabin sized luggage into sizes, to try and make the process a little bit easier. If you are in any doubt though, please do check the guidelines on the website of your chosen airline. These are usually very easy to find, simply by doing a quick search on Google.

How can Luggage Superstore help you choose the right size cabin case?

At Luggage Superstore we are dedicated to making life as easy as possible for our customers. This handy table contains the most up to date cabin size regulations to ensure that you make the right choice for your luggage requirements. Every airline is different and so it pays to double check your individual airlines regulations every time you travel. Fines can be hefty for oversize luggage, making an unpleasant start to your journey, so ensure you're within their sizes before you fly,

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