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zip securi tech

  • Delsey ZST - What is it and why do I need it?

    The Delsey ZST, short for Zip Securi Tech, is an amazing new feature appearing on the luggage produced by top brand Delsey. Delsey is a name that is renowned for top of the range features and ever improving performance. It is now fairly common knowledge that many standard zips found on suitcases can be opened with a simple ball point pen. This means that your precious belongings are no longer safe – regardless of the fixed lock or padlock that you have on your suitcase. Even a luggage strap will only offer limited protection from thieves.

    Step forward the Delsey ZST – or Zip Securi Tech. The ZST is not just any zip – it is a zip that is up to 41 times more resilient than the standard zips generally found on luggage, and as such makes your belongings 41 times safer. The zip will not be penetrated or even damaged by the ball point pen – in fact it will probably damage the pen!

    The ZST is even 2.5 times more resistant than a regular zipper when fully loaded and offers an improved performance from not only the zip but the puller too. Speaking of the puller, Delsey's design means that even these are stronger, safer and ever improved, as the zip puller is a complete loop – no small gaps to break or be tampered with. The zip puller is strikingly more robust than any other on the luggage market, further enhancing the security of your suitcase and its contents.

    Still not convinced about ZST? Take a look at the video and see for yourself how Delsey are leading the way in luggage security.


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