Why we Love Rolser Shopping Trolleys

Posted by Sarah on 21st Jul 2023

Why we Love Rolser Shopping Trolleys

Luggage Superstore are proud to stock the exquisite selection of fashionable shopping trolleys from Rolser Trolley’s. Rolser are a Spanish based company and have been gracing the catwalks for many years. Elegance has been combined with an exceptionally easy to use Wheeled Shopper that makes the mundane task of shopping a pleasure rather than a chore. Highly desirable, extremely fashionable, and extraordinarily functional, Rolser Trolley are able to combine an aesthetically pleasing exterior with a lightweight frame to transport heavy loads around in style and with ease.

Fashionable Shopping Trolleys

In the UK, we have become accustomed to seeing the Shopping Trolley being used by our older generations and with good purpose really. Shoppers provide a stable option for their users, offering something to ‘grab on to’, if the need arises and they do carry plenty too. However, Rolser have brought the Shopping Trolley smack bang into the 21 st Century with an abundance of cool print designs, functional extras and at an affordable price. No longer just for the elderly, this exclusive range of chic and Colourful Shopping Trolleys come complete with double drawstring fastening and durable stand so you can wheel your shopping everywhere you go!

Folding Shopping Trolleys

Easy to store and use, Rolser have successfully created a range of Shoppers that are both extremely pleasing to the eye but are very easy to use. With such a huge choice of styles, colours and sizes on offer, Rolser are able to cater to a wide audience, truly giving a choice for every need and taste. With such high-quality on offer, all at a very reasonable price, Shopping Trolleys are fast becoming the staple necessity for the user who needs a lightweight transport option for their shopping. All soft-shell trolleys come with their own individual design and ultra-light frame ideal for using on public transport and enable easy storage.

A variety of wheel types all ensure that these stylish Fashionable Shopping Trolleys are easy to move around, no matter what the terrain. A very easy solution to the carrying around of shopping, without the use of heavy bags.

Types of Shopping Trolleys by Rolser

When looking through our products, it may be a bit confusing as to what each specific attribute a Shopping Trolley has with so many different names, styles, wheel types and designs to choose from. We’ll have a look at each model and will give you the lowdown on the unique properties that each trolley has, to try and help you make the right choice.

Stair Climbing Trolleys

Stairclimbers have 6 Wheels – 3 on each side. The concept is that they enable a more stable approach to climbing stairs.

2 Wheeled Shopping Trolleys

As the name suggests, these Shopping Trolleys have 2 wheels, making them both lightweight and very easy to use.

4 Wheeled Shopping Trolleys

Again, another one where the name gives it away – 4 Wheeled Shoppers have 4 wheels. These types are slightly more stable than the 2 Wheelers and also very slightly heavier, however, as a generalisation, they do have larger capacities.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Trolleys

Aside from the beauty of these incredible Shoppers, they are fully functional and friendly to the environment, removing the need to carry around bags. As a nation we are fully aware of the damaging effects that plastic bags have had on our environment and with the government placing charges on plastic bags, these Trolleys from Rolser provide the ultimate solution to carrier bags. Friendly to the environment, distinguished and bold. We are delighted to welcome the Trolley Revolution to Luggage Superstore.

Rolser have now brought out a collection of Trolleys that have been made from recycled materials, to offer an even greater choice to the user who likes to do their part for the environment. Look out for our Eco-Friendly badge on product pages for trolleys that are Eco-Friendly.

Why Buy a Rolser Trolley from Luggage Superstore?

Luggage Superstore have been supplying Rolser Trolleys to our customers for several years now and we just adore the quality that comes from these Fashionable and Stylish Shopping Trolleys. As a company, we are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers. With a dedicated sales team, ready to take your call, we are able to provide an old-fashioned customer orientated service that cannot be rivalled.

We are also able to offer the best prices available in the UK on all Rolser Trolleys, so if your find a Shopping Trolley from Rolser at a cheaper price, we will offer our Price Match Promise to ensure that you are always getting the very best prices available. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Trolley Revolution and discover a new breed of Shopping Trolleys that are fun, mobile and affordable.