Why We Love the Antler Classic - Juno

There are some suitcases that we just can’t forget about. Some have innovative features such as brake wheel systems, some have top pockets… The Antler Juno’s have neither but what they do have is an irresistible charm that we have adored for many, many years. The original Juno was a collection that pushed the boundaries of colour. It was an Antler classic and at one point was one of our best-selling Colourful Suitcases. In 2018, we were delighted to launch the Juno 2 collection to run alongside our other Antler Hard-Shell collections. Based upon our beloved Juno, Juno 2 combined the beautiful shape that we loved, the toughness of the Polypropylene shell and colours that made us smile but had new features that have made it even easier to use. The addition of the Juno Metallic collection adds that touch of metallic sheen that captures the eye, without the use of bold colours. Basically, we love both, so here is our overview of what makes these special Antler Suitcases so special.

Antler Juno 2

Juno 2 was launched from Luggage Superstore in June 2018. After its predecessor’s international success, we knew it was always going to be a winner and we can see why. We can remember when the original Juno offered every colour under the rainbow, but its new brother has a more compact colour palette, which takes full advantage of promoting the use of colour to the outside of our luggage, without offering unlimited choice – Which we appreciate can be baffling. The 2018 collection also benefits from having 4 double spinner wheels, which enable an exceptionally smooth journey, allowing the Juno 2 to move over unlevel terrains without any fuss. Furthermore, the addition of TSA Combination locks to all models, gives the necessary security that is required when travelling internationally.Juno 2 in Large - Orange

Antler Juno Metallic

The Juno Metallic is a range which we have literally only just launched. Offering the same exacting features as the Juno 2, which include the double spinner wheels, push button telescopic wheel handle, TSA Combination lock and super strong Polypropylene shell, this collection offers mobility, security and looks. This Metallic Suitcase collection benefits from having a striking metallic look that catches the light beautifully, giving an elegant shimmer. We’re in love with it, for its sheer ability to be appealing to the eye without the use of the colours that the Juno 2 uses.


So, what are you waiting for? This beautiful collection has everything. Stunning good looks, sparkle or colour, toughness and lightness. A stunning example of why we still love a classic by Antler. Juno, we salute you.

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