Travelling Stereotypes - The Family

Lisa and Adam have been saving up for the annual family holiday to Tenerife since this time last year. They’ve been visiting the same family friendly resort of Palm Bay since Josh and Amelia were born. Lisa, of course loves her holiday with the children, if not the run up to it, and once again as she waits in the baggage que she wishes she had booked another week off work to recover when they return. Adam, on the other hand, already can’t wait to get back to work.

Its 4.20am and Josh is wide awake, sat on his Spiderman suitcase whilst talking and singing quietly to himself. “At least he will sleep on the plane”, his exhausted mother muses. Amelia, on the other hand, being the mini teenager that she is, has had her sleep disturbed and is not a happy bunny. Adam is desperately trying to placate her with chocolate buttons and a game of ‘what will we do on holiday’ while checking his jacket pocket for the millionth time for the passports and tickets. “Go easy on the chocolate”, Lisa warns sternly.

They finally get through to the front of the que and deposit their substantial mis-matched luggage collection on the belt. Lisa breathes a sigh of relief that the friendly young girl sat behind the desk has turned a blind eye to the 0.2kg that her suitcase was overweight by. “You never can pack too much when children are involved”, she smiles sheepishly. Once on board the plane, Amelia perks up, suddenly excited by the prospect of a week away from school in the sunshine. Of course, it is still term time – what parents can afford the ridiculous price hike that comes with travelling in the school holidays? And besides, Lisa is adamant that both children will learn more from a week in  Tenerife than at school; like Spanish, for example…

She glances over at her children, Amelia staring gleefully out of the window, and Josh, now asleep on his father’s lap with his headphones still in while the Marvel film plays to itself on his tablet. She gives a weak smile at Adam and breathes a long slow breath. There’ll be tantrums a plenty over the next week, she knows, but for now, Lisa will enjoy the peace and quiet. She closes her eyes and drifts off into a peaceful sleep, thinking that when she wakes they will be landing. 15 minutes later, she is being shaken awake by her panicked husband and as she opens her eyes those magic words fill her ears…”Mummy, I’m going to be sick…”

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