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  • Our Favourite Snowboarding Resorts


    Meribel, based in the 3 valleys in the French Alps, Meribel is sure to be a firm favourite if snowboarding is a favourite pastime. Meribel is suitable for the whole family, with plenty of green runs available for little ones, right up to some good black runs for those who like a challenge. There are plenty of great shops for groceries and souvenirs, and some excellent restaurants, both at the base of the mountain and spread about the runs. There is a great bus service that runs through Meribel and the surrounding areas, so if you’re looking to save a bit of money, don’t be afraid to stay outside of the main resort as there will always be a bus!


    Tignes is another great resort nestled in the French Alps which is buzzy and fun, with plenty of variety when it comes to the runs. The snow levels in Tignes are nearly always good and the resort boasts some excellent accommodation right by the main lift. There are some great nightclubs for those with partying in mind but also plenty of ways to relax, including a public swimming pool, and wellness centre at Le Lagon where you can enjoy a jacuzzi, massage and spa treatments.


    Zermatt is Switzerland’s highest ski and snowboard resort and boasts excellent snow all year round. Thanks to its altitude, Zermatt boasts some truly spectacular views from both the lifts and whilst on the mountain, and is therefore perfect for those who like to absorb their surroundings as well as enjoy some great boarding. With some very challenging runs Zermatt is sure to be a hit with experienced boarders, but it has plenty for the less practised too. The food in the resort is fantastic with plenty of variety and with some really friendly locals, Zermatt will be a place you want to go again and again.


    This charming village nestled in a valley on the France/Switzerland border offers plenty of choice when it comes to runs and has an excellent network of lifts to get you exactly where you need to be. With an abundance of blue and red runs, it’s ideal for all levels and is particularly popular with families and groups of friends. There are some excellent bars and restaurants in Morzine and plenty to do, however it has kept its quirky farming roots and local produce can be bought at the market for those who prefer the more traditional holiday experience.


    A hidden gem to be found in southwest Bulgaria, Bansko offers luxury accommodation at a wonderfully affordable rate, making it the perfect choice for large families or those who are travelling ion a budget who don’t wish to compromise. Bansko has something to offer everyone, with plenty of ideal beginner runs but some more challenging reds for the more experienced. There are an outstanding number of bars, restaurants and traditional Bulgarian taverns to choose from when it comes to eating and après ski. An extreme fun park for snowboarders offers even more variety and makes Bansko the perfect all round boarding resort.

    Need a new bag for your winter sports equipment? Check out some of our great deals on Thule and Dakine ski and snowboard bags here at Luggage Superstore.

  • The Best Backpack Features

    Backpacks are a staple item in any luggage collection, and most people will have owned and loved one at some point in their lives. There is a huge range of backpacks of varying sizes, styles and prices available on the market, and at Luggage Superstore we are proud to stock many of the very best backpack brands. Below we explain just some of the great features often found on modern backpacks plus some of our personal favourites with these features.

    Laptop and Tablet Compartments

    Many backpacks in the modern day offer a padded laptop compartment which offers protection to your laptop when on the go. More often than not, these also have a pocket for your tablet too. Ideal for business people who travel, laptop backpacks make carrying work essentials easy, and keep your hands free for ultimate convenience. Always ensure you check the capacity of any laptop backpack to ensure it will take the correct size of laptop or tablet to suit your needs.

    We Love: Samsonite Kleur 17.3" Laptop Backpack

    Sleeve Strap

    Also aimed at promoting your convenience, a sleeve strap is a loop to the rear of the backpack that enables you to slot it over a telescopic suitcase handle. A sleeve strap can be anything from an elastic strap to a rear pocket that unzips completely for this use. This keeps your hands free and removes the burden of carrying lots of different pieces of luggage.

    We Love: Thule Subterra Travel Backpack

    Lockable zippers

    Lockable zippers ensure the security of your belongings and are particularly important on laptop backpacks. This great feature allows you to slot a small padlock through the zip puller. Some backpacks even have TSA combination lock for the zips, which is ideal if travelling to America or you’re likely to lose a small key.

    We Love: Victorinox Deluxe Travel Laptop Backpack

    Detachable Daypack

    Some backpacks or rucksacks are designed for extreme travelling and offer a detachable day pack that often have good capacities in themselves. Daypacks are attached to the main body of the backpack but can be removed to be used on their own, which is ideal for days out or shorter trips where taking your large bag is completely impractical. The daypack will have backpack straps and plenty of storage space, just as a small standard backpack does.

    We Love: Caribee Jet Pack 75L Travel Pack

    Hip Belt and Sternum Strap

    Carrying around a heavy backpack is hard work and not really ideal for your back, but some large backpacks have sternum straps and hip belts to help relieve the pressure on your back. A hip belt is fully padded and sits at the bottom of the backpack to stop it banging against your back and can help to distribute weight. The sternum strap secures the backpack at the front, around the sternum, to aid comfortable carrying and weight distribution.

    We Love: Caribee Tiger 75L Rucksack

    Hydration Pack

    When you’re climbing, hiking or doing anything else a little extreme, you definitely don’t want to find yourself dehydrated, but going into your backpack to retrieve a bottle of water can be quite time consuming and inconvenient. That’s where a backpack with an integrated hydration pack is perfect. These backpacks will hold a water reservoir of varying sizes, normally around 3 litres but some will take up to 10 litres, with a drinking tube directly from the reservoir across the shoulder for hands free drinking.

    We Love: Henty Enduro Hydration Backpack


    Carrying a backpack is not always possible for everyone. Be it a long walk to reach the departure gates at the airport or while finding the room in a hotel, a wheeled backpack is better equipped to help you move around comfortably. You can drag it anywhere and lift it only when required to stay away from the strain of lifting the weight on your back. It is also a perfect option for elderly people who are not comfortable in lifting weights for a longer period of time.

    We Love: Kipling Clas Soobin Wheeled Backpack

  • 5 romantic holiday destinations for Valentine's Day

    Gili Meno – Indonesia

    The island of Gili Meno in Indonesia is known worldwide as ‘The Honeymoon Island’ and with excellent reason. This secluded, basic island is perfect for loved up couples who want to get away from it all. It’s not the easiest place to visit as you have to first go to Gili Trawangan (the party island and far too energetic for most people over the age of 21!) then converse with a local and persuade him to take you to Gili Meno in his boat! This all adds to the romantic adventure and once there, we promise it will be worth it. You are guaranteed the most relaxing of holidays here, eating dinner on the beach watching the sun go down or snorkelling in the crisp, blue sea and meeting all sorts of sea life. Don’t go here expecting luxury, however, Gili Meno is the ultimate ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience.

    For Gili Meno, we recommend the American Tourister Air Force 1 4 Wheel Spinner Case - 81cm. Perfect for a longer stay, the Air Force 1 is super lightweight, expandable and as such offers a huge capacity for all the wonderful souvenirs and Indonesian specialities you will want to bring home.

    Paris – France

    Paris is not called the city of love without good reason and there’s an abundance of wonderful things to do with your loved one here. There are so many sights to see, from Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre and, of course, the infamous Eiffel Tower, which are all lit up during the night, making for the most breath-taking sights. You can also dine in the Eiffel Tower at the 58 Tour Eiffel which is a restaurant on the first floor and promises the most romantic of evenings. If watching the world go by is more your style, there are many quaint little cafes and shops in every corner of the city and for those with a sweet tooth, share some of the delicious French delicacies in one of Paris’ many patisseries. A romantic cruise along the River Seine by moonlight is something that all loved-up couples should experience, and with some tours offering a 3 course meal with champagne, you can be guaranteed a treasurable experience to tell the Grandchildren about.

    For a stay of 3-7 days, we recommend the highly fashionable and practical Maubert 2 wheeled duffle by French brand Delsey. With excellent looks and many great features, this is one of our favourites here at Luggage Superstore!

    Venice, Italy

    Venice is more romantic, more beautiful and more surprising than you could ever anticipate and there’s so much to see and do you’ll probably never want to leave. Take a trip down the Grand Canal to experience the real Italian culture with your loved one, and on the subject of culture, the less touristy areas are the best places to visit to enjoy each other’s company. The Italians love their food, so why not settle down to dinner by candlelight in one of Venice’s many traditional restaurants. One of more unusual things to try is visiting one of the Opera Houses. You may not think this is your thing, but we defy you to be caught up in the drama and romance and even if it’s not to your taste, time spent with your Valentine is never time wasted.

    For a true Italian look on your fabulous Italian break, we recommended the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Belliagio 4 wheel spinner case from Brics – the name in Italian luggage. With it’s timeless looks and many unique fatures, the Bellagio will have you speaking Italian before you even step foot in lovely Venice.

    Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

    Jukkasjärvi in Sweden may not be somewhere that has been on your bucklet list before, however we can guarantee a unique experience you will never forget. Perfect for a Valentine’s treat for your most loved one, Jukkasjärvi is best visited in winter, where you can stay in the truly unique Ice Hotel. This incredible hotel melts each year and is carefully constructed for the winter months, and for those who prefer to travel in summer, with 2016 came the creation of Ice Hotel 365 where you can enjoy the cold room experience all year round. Featuring some of the most exquisite art work there’s lots to see and do. Here you can lie under the stars and see the incredible wonder that is the Northern Lights, or experience a safari on a Snow Mobile with dinner, and, during the short days, there’s the opportunity to try your hand at ice sculpting, photography or river rafting. The Ice experience does not come cheap, but it’s a once in a lifetime adventure.

    For a trip an extreme trip like this, you require extreme luggage that’s up to the task. This tough wheeled duffle from top sports brand Ful fits your needs perfectly, and with a capacity of a whopping 110L there’s room for all the layers you may need.

    The Lake District, England

    When it comes to Romance, Cumbria in England possibly isn’t the first place you think of, however it has some real hidden gems. It may not have palm trees, spectacular lights or a romantic language but the Lake District has so much romance to offer if you just open your eyes. When looking for a place to stay, there are a wealth of gorgeous, quirky little country cottages to stay in, which you and your partner can have to yourselves completely. No set times for breakfast, no other guests moving about and the freedom to completely create your very own itinerary. Wherever you stay, and whatever you do, you’re bound to be surrounded by exquisite scenery and fantastic countryside. For places to eat there’s something for everyone – from Michelin starred restaurants with a little more pizazz, to the old fashioned country pubs serving traditional, hearty English food by an open fire. For the more adventurous couples, there’s cycling, climbing, watersports and extreme/off-road experinces, and if you prefer a quieter break, there’s miles of endless walks to enjoy at your own pace and take in English Heritage at its finest.

    For a long weekend in the Lake District we love this gorgeous duffle from market leader in luggage Samsonite. At 55cm it’s the size of the average cabin case but weighing just 0.9kg it’s a practical solution for a visit to the countryside.


  • Thule Luggage Preview

    As our regular customers will know we only choose the very best luggage out there and that is why we are delighted to welcome Thule Luggage to our existing brands of designer luggage. Some of you may know that Thule is a brand that is often associated with roof racks, bike racks and roof boxes. Did you know Thule has an extensive range of backpacks and luggage as well? Here’s a little preview of the 2 ranges that we will shortly be offering to our customers.

    Thule CrossoverThule Crossover 25L Cobalt

    The Crossover range features products that are designed to be multi-functional and to fit into the lives of the active user. Made from a superior strength outer and jam packed full of features, the Crossover is a tough range that demands respect. There is a generous choice of products on offer from the laptop backpacks to the wheeled duffles, giving a really good choice. We also love the colour scheme of black, cobalt blue and dark blue. Suiting perhaps the needs of the young professional user who desires a product which is tough, appealing to the eye, functional and versatile.

    Thule SubterraThule Subterra Wheeled Duffle

    Subterra is a seriously cool set of luggage that boasts of having generous capacities across the whole range, while still being lightweight. The choice of products is quite extensive; laptop backpacks, travel backpack, wheeled duffle’s and cabin sized bags. There is even a clever 3-in-1 travel bag that quickly and easily converts from one large bag to 2 smaller bags, giving scope for using it as a cabin sized travel option.

    We aren’t going to lie. The Thule luggage ranges that we are offering are not the most budget friendly items of luggage that you can find. However, they are packed full of features, have innovative designing, are lightweight and built to an exceptionally high standard from high quality materials. To summarise, we love them! Quality products from a long-standing brand you can trust. Welcome Thule.

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