Our 5 Essential Travel Accessories this Summer

Earlier this year we welcomed the arrival of our new Travel Accessories brand – Go Travel, formerly known as Design Go. This collection combines a choice of excellent quality products with an affordable price tag. Sitting nicely into our Travel Accessories category, we have a really great choice of products that will perfectly complement any of the luggage that is available on our site. So, here we have the low-down on what we think are our 5 Essential Travel Accessories.

  1. The Go Travel TSA Lock Luggage Strap

With a choice of Day-Glo colours available and being fully adjustable, we love this Colourful Luggage Strap for its sheer boldness. Ideal for identifying luggage quickly and easily, it’s a must have for travelling. The addition of a TSA Lock to this clever strap offers further security when used alongside a TSA Fixed Zip Lock.

2. Go Travel Memory Foam Pillow

We all like a snooze every now and then and when journeys are long and feel like they are taking forever, we think it’s better just to escape from it all and pass the time by sleeping. The problem being is that often space can be restricted (unless you’re flying Business Class) and more often than not, strangers aren’t that keen on you using their shoulder as a pillow. Step in the Memory Foam Pillow, with its super soft but firm, supporting interior and soft touch outer, there’s no need to over-step the mark with strangers.

3.  Go Travel Worldwide USB Charger

We’re quite impressed with this clever 4 USB Charger system that comes complete with 3 Adaptors that allows it to be used in over 100 countries! We are all quite aware of how laborious it can be weighing up the charging priorities between a Mobile Phone or Tablet, especially when travelling with families but this clever Charger removes all arguments from the equation and will allow up to 4 devices to be charged in one go. Ideal for families and couples travelling together.

4.  Go Travel Shoulder Bag

We’re going to be honest, this one isn’t the most fashionable or the most beautifully designed Shoulder Bag that we have available but what it lacks in good looks, it makes up for in exceptional functionality and safety. With a fully adjustable shoulder strap and a zipped closure, this Security Travel Bag will sit close to the body and under clothing, if required to provide a very secure way of transporting money, travel documents or passports around.

5.  Go Travel Luggage Tags

In a choice of bright and bold colours, these Colourful Luggage Tags are great for not only identifying your luggage but for ensuring that your luggage is easily seen amongst a sea of black luggage tags. With a clear window, which covers identification information and coming in a pack of 2, these Luggage Labels offer really great value for money.

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